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 Trophy Seaducks /Brant/Emperor Geese/Puddle Ducks

2019 /2020 =$4900 per hunter 6 day hunt Sat-Sat Oct 20 -Dec 14/2019               $500 trophy fee for Emperor goose harvest.

Pacific Eider -Harlequin-Longtails-Scoters-Aleutian Teal -Wigeon-Brant-Ptarmigan/Emperor Geese

Great day Seaduck hunting

AIW Specializing in combo hunts

The Alaska Peninsula is a harsh and remote area and very unforgiving with the average daily winds  in these areas between 15-30 mph. As it is not unusual to get a day or two a week with 30-50 mph gust’s. Surrounded on one side the Bering Sea and the other side Pacific Ocean it just makes its own weather and its usually crappy.   This is where Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers offers it’s Aleutain Teal huntingTrophy combo sea duck hunts late in the season for Pacific Eiders and Brant.  We operate a  24 ft ocean skiff along with a UFO layout boat and an old trustworthy Kodiak the same as Island X. All with new Yamaha motors in 2016 for transportation to theEider grounds offshore and remote parts of the nearby island. Hunting over custom painted E Allen and Tangle free foam filled Pacific Eider decoys each day offers our hunters at opportunity for some close in shooting although you better be prepared to take 40 yd shot at passing birds.  Each day 4 hunters will hunt from our main tender boat while then switching over to the layout boat and or zodiacs depending on the weather.  Generally 2 hunters will hunt from each of our Zodiaks , and 1 hunter from the UFO layout boat.  brutal and hunting King eiders is not for the weak at heart.

Trophy Combo Hunts run Oct 28 – Dec16

We take 4  hunters per hunt with 2 guides to provide the most personal services available. Our hunts run 7 days with 6 full days of guided hunting. We start our hunts the end of October  and run until  Dec 16th when the season closes. We provide all meals, lodging and fully guided hunting over decoys with boats, among with walk in hunts on local ponds streams and estuaries.  The average temperature is around 25 -35 degrees and we hunt in snow camo and tradition camo depending on the conditions. Our normal backdrop is lightly frozen covered shorelines this time of year.  We will be targeting Drake Pacific Eiders , These  birds are very weather dependent as the live offshore a good Hunt would consist of getting a couple drake Pacifics.  Its very rare a hunter kills four.  As they spend too much time chasing all the other trophies including  Harlequin,Scoters and Longtails sea ducks and looking for the trophy puddle ducks including the eurasian wigeon.   No Whinning allowed only real duck hunters looking for the best chance at many trophies.


The Original X-Treme Sea Duck hunting

Our hunters stay in a comfortable modern Duck camp  with all the modern amenities including electricity, cell phone  and all the hot water you can stand freezer storage and a gun cleaning room. All meals, lodging and fully guided hunting is included along with pickup and return at the local airport. Hunters are responsible for there own rd trip airfare to Coldbay or Kodiak depending on where the hunt takes place and 1 night hotel in Anchorage the night before there hunt starts if need be.