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AIW – Guided Emperor Goose hunts
Voted #1 Alaskan trophy waterfowl guides for 16 years straight

Tristins Emperoe goose

Emperor Geese have rebounded from a dismal 42,000 birds in 1986 to a bounding population of 120,000-140,000 in 2017 and is single handedly, the most epic comebackstory of waterfowl in my lifetime. If this bird is on your list we 100% guarantee we can make it happen as we have been guiding waterfowl in Alaska for over 30 years.
We have top of the line gear, equipment and all new Emperor goose decoys  made as we speak to make this hunt of a lifetime a success for resident hunters  2017 and 2018 were a huge success for us going %100 success on Emperor Geese

1. Location:

Hunting 4 of the top Emperor locations  Coldbay  – Adak – Bristolbay – Aleutian Islands

2. Experiance:

 We actually hunted for Emperor Geese in the 80’s before they were closed as we lived in remote Alaska.  And now with Over 30 years  additional guiding on the Alaska Peninsula, Coldbay, Kodiak and Adak combined there is no one else that can say that and has personally hunted and guided Waterfowl in ever major drainage from Bristolbay to The Aleutians.

3. Dedication and Investment:

AIW and Coldbay Adventures Lodge is unmatched in professionalism and hard work and investment into offering guest’s the ultimate waterfowl experience.   with one of the most experienced guides staff and having the most equipment already in place in these  locations Emperor hunters can be assured of a professional hunt as  we are committed in the future as we have already been through it were not a recent startup.

4. The Original Hardcore Waterfowl Guides 

We are the Original hardcore  Team X-Treme Guides that have truly  Pioneered Trophy  hunting in Alaska. And the only guide operation that is solely specialized in Off  road hunts in  the Aleutians, Pribilof, Adak and Kodiak Islands.  This is fact not science fiction experience like some of the other fly by night startups guides popping up.    We do 1 thing and do it better than anyone else Hunt Extreme remote locations and send home happy hunters. 

5. Results:

Our recent results for producing what we say shows true as we have had a %100 success rate from 2008-2018  on our Trophy King Eider hunts and %100 success on Emperor Geese in 2017 & 2018 this wasn’t from learning it in a college Science class It was from shear hard work, dedication to overcoming and combining the proper equipment and staff with a positive attitude. 

The days of Emperor Goose hunting is back, Not like the days of piling them up on the beach, But a true selective harvest of  Emperor Goose. .


See Ya on The Ice Capt Charlie Summerville

Emperor goose hunting with Aleutian Island Waterfowlers is 100% committed to producing what we sell. These trips are not for the average duck hunter looking to pile up ducks, Our trips cost more for one simple reason you get more. Our unwavering commitment  to our hunters to have a  legal, safe,  ethical and productive experience along with having fun .  Don’t choose the wrong Outfitters because they talk about science and make-believe experience.