Emperor Geese opens fall 2017

Emperor Geese opens fall 2017

.Just got the official Statement for ADFG


emperor goose hunting

Emperor goose hunting opens 2017

. Fall 2017 Emperor Goose Registration hunts will be for Alaska Residents only.
2. There will be 7 fall registration permit hunts (as in 7 different areas)
a. Each of the 7 areas will have their own quota and season (season to be closed by Emergency Order when quota is met or approached)
b. Overall quota will be managed for 1000 bird harvest
3. Quotas and seasons may/will vary between permit hunt areas (have not been finalized yet)
4. For 2018, with emperor goose population indices allowing (depending upon population reactions to spring/summer subsistence hunting and fall registration hunts), there will be a draw for Nonresidents. They would apply during the regular Nov-Dec 2017 Big Game Drawing Application period for the chance to hunt the fall season of 2018. Sounds like there will be up to 25 permits available, not sure if that number is finalized yet.

That’s about all I have for now. Hope this helps.

Kyle Smith
Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Division of Wildlife Conservation
Waterfowl Program


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